Orange is the New Black and House of Cards Season Three details revealed

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This weekend saw two major revelations regarding the upcoming seasons of Netflix’ most popular programs.

And, just in case you were wondering: “major revelations” means there are spoilers ahead. So, stop reading now, if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Everybody stopping who wants to stop?

Okay; here goes…


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House of Cards executive producer Beau Williamson revealed the death of a major character during a Twitter Q&A.

Remember Frank Underwood’s right-hand man Doug Stamper? The guy responsible for doing a lot of Underwood’s dirty work?

Yeah, don’t expect to see too much of him in Season Three.

Williamson confirmed that Stamper is, in fact, dead.

The last time we saw the character, Rachel Posner smashed him upside the head but good with a rock. This, of course, after he had chased her through a forest, trying to get the better of her.

Williamson said it was “pretty evident” that Stamper’s character wouldn’t be coming back. The only question now is one of fallout.


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As for Orange is the New Black, actor Pablo Schreiber, who plays love-to-hate-him character Pornstache, confirmed that he won’t be back next season, either.

Schreiber has a good reason, though: he’s got a brand new show of his own to shoot.

“I’m a member of a show called The Brink,” he said, “that’s going to be on HBO. It’s a half-hour comedy with Jack Black and Tim Robbins and me [as] the three leads. I’m really excited about it.”

Schreiber left the door open for future appearances on the show, though. And he spoke highly of creator Jenji Kohan:

“I feel so grateful to Orange. Jenji obviously means a ton to me. I respect her to no end. I think she writes the best dialogue on TV right now. While season three is out of the picture, beyond that is open.”

Netflix hasn’t announced a release date for either season. It’s assumed that both shows will air new episodes next summer.

What do you, the viewers at home, think? Are you disappointed by these departures? Excited for new dramatic possibilities? Both? Or something else entirely?

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