Influencer Dining with Skyler and NYC Prep’s Sebastian Oppenheim expecting

NYC Prep bad boy Sebastian Oppenheim is expecting his first child with foodie influencer Skyler Bouchard from Dining with Skyler.

See the emotional announcement here that has fans asking “who’s cutting onions?”

NYC Prep

NYC Prep was a one season wonder from Bravo back in 2009. The reality show followed elite New York socialites through their final years of prep school.

During the series we were introduced to Sebastian Oppenheim, the “bad boy” (at the time) who attended the Ross School with the class of 2011 and often bragged about his many “conquests.” He was also most known for his infamous “hair flip.”

Today, Sebastian is a legit businessman (he’s listed as head of real-estate at Rove on LinkedIn) and dedicated husband to foodie influencer Skyler Bouchard.

Dining with Skyler

Skyler Bouchard Oppenheim operates as Dinging by Skyler on social media, and has made a name for herself by posting delicious and accessible recipes for her 264K Instagram followers.

Skyler and Sebastian eloped in 2019 and currently live in the Philadelphia area, though the couple travels a lot – often documenting their food journey along the way.

Bouchard’s latest conquest is hosting pop up dinners in which she creates both the menu and the food.

Table for 3

Exciting news was announced today that this celebrity couple is expecting a baby! In an adorable Reel, Bouchard presents Sebastian with a special dish she’s created – which is later revealed to be a positive pregnancy test.

Dinging with Skyler explained in her post that the baby is a “miracle of all miracles” as she suffers from both PCOS and irregular cycles. Doctors told her it would take a while for them to conceive, but according to Bouchard the process was a “quick surprise” when they were “least expecting it.”

According to the comments section the couple is due January 15th, meaning that Skyler is currently 13 weeks pregnant. SO many fans were quick to congratulate them, with one replying, fittingly, “who’s cutting onions!?”

Congrats to Skyler and Sebastian Oppenheim on your little miracle! We’ll be following your family forever! (Homemade baby food recipes coming soon PLEASE?! Oh, and an NYC Prep reunion while we’re making requests…)

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