Bravo’s 2009 hit NYC Prep streaming on Peacock, cast updates here

NYC Prep is now streaming on Peacock. What are the stars of the 2009 Bravo reality series up to today?

Here’s what we know about the cast of the “real life Gossip Girl“…

Sebastian Oppenheim

NYC PREP Where are they now: Sebastian Oppenheim

Sebastian Oppenheim was the teenage man-whore of the Upper East Side but he has undergone a major transformation: today he is a husband, new father, and licensed driver (?) Yes, Oppenheim, who currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his wife, foodie influencer ‘Dining with Skyler,’ got his drivers license at the age of 31 – putting his Peter Pan syndrome to bed once and for all.

Turns out it was just in time. The hair-flipping pretty boy just had a baby boy of his own named Arlo.

Camille Isobel Hughes

NYC PREP Where are they now: Camille Hughes

Camille Hughes was the type-A Blair Waldorf of NYC Prep whose sights were set on Harvard. Turns out Camille didn’t attend the Ivy League school but she did make a name for herself in the MLM world promoting Arbonne.

Married to Michael Paquette in 2022, Hughes is also a new mama! The couple welcomed baby Charles Anthony Paquette on Christmas Day 2023.

Does Camille know that her old show is streaming on Peacock? YES! And she posted this cryptic story post that has everyone wondering what she knows…

Peter Cary “PC” Peterson

PC, Chuck Bass, one in the same… while we do know that he is the grandson of billionaire and former US Secretary of Commerce Pete Peterson. Peter Cary Peterson is extremely private these days so there’s only a few bits of tea to report.. albeit piping hot ones:

1. He’s a photographer living in Byron Bay, Australia.

2. PC married his best friend (female!) Esme Brown in 2018 and Tiffany Trump was there… no, it was not a fever dream. A quote from Brown’s Instagram post explains:

Unconventional, yet unconditional. Married to my best friend. My soulmate. The person who never turned his back on me and vice versa. We have one life. Free yourself! P.S. We have never had sex. It’s pure friendship.

Jessica “Jessie” Leavitt

Jessie was the ultimate mean girl and gatekeeper of Operation Smile, but it’s possible she was embarrassed by her time on NYC Prep because she has been completely off the map since then.

All we know is that the girl who demanded “guests of guests don’t bring guests” married an investment analyst named Jason Brown in June 2019. Her brother, Rabbi Noah Leavitt, officiated the Long Island, New York ceremony where the two currently still reside. [photos above]

Taylor DiGiovanni

Taylor DiGiovanni’s “where are they now” is definitely the most interesting… though nowhere near thorough. Her alleged Facebook says she works as a Paint & Sip instructor in New York, but all the rumors we’ve heard are that she’s (ALLEGEDLY) drug addict who is currently homeless.

A Reddit deep dive will give you some clues as to why people think this – like a Facebook page for DiGiovanni’s boyfriend where she is apparently begging him for money.

byu/SpencerHastings7 from discussion

We can’t go on the record as saying any of this is true… but if you’re looking for a rabbit hole to go down, we certainly recommend this one.

Kelli Brooke Tomashoff

Kelli Tomashoff was the youngest member of the series, and though she’s also been off the radar, we truly are at a loss on this one – this time there isn’t even a conspiracy theory!

After releasing a single in 2011 called “Gave Up on Love,” Kelli worked as a publicity director for Arista Records. If anyone knows more about Tomashoff you should tweet us!

NYC Prep (2009) is currently streaming on Peacock.

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