NYC PREP Sebastian Oppenheim just learned to drive?! No longer a ‘Passenger Prince’

NYC Prep‘s Sebastian Oppenheim is celebrating a huge milestone… a few years late. The 31 year old former reality star just learned to drive and is celebrating on Instagram.

Keep reading to see the photos and see what meal he chose as his reward…

NYC Prep

One of the greatest reality shows of all time, NYC Prep ran for one season on Bravo in 2009. Billed as a real life Gossip Girl, cameras followed elite Manhattan prep school students as they navigated their final years of high school.

Kelli, Camille, PC, Jessie, Taylor and Sebastian (Oppenheim) starred on the show that many have intense nostalgia for. While not much is known about most of the cast, Sebastian and Camille still update fans on public social media and as it turns out, both are expecting their first children soon!

Two stars of Bravo’s 2009 hit reality series NYC Prep are expecting babies!

Yes, Camille Hughes Paquette and Sebastian Oppenheim are soon-to-be parents!

Passenger Prince

Sebastian is celebrating another MAJOR milestone, but with this one he may be considered a little late to the game. Oppenheim has let his social media followers know that at “the ripe age of 31” he finally has his drivers license. 

Oppenheim lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his wife, Dining with Skyler‘s Skyler Bouchard. From what we can gather she does most of the driving. We are assuming with the upcoming duties of motherhood approaching, the pair decided it was time for Seb to pull his weight when it comes to automotive travel.

Declaring that he is no longer a passenger “prince,” the NYC Prep star celebrated his achievement with Popeyes.

Wait, so what’s a “passenger prince?” We gather it is the male version of the more typically used “passenger princess,” which Urban Dictionary defines as:

A pretty girl that has no other job but to look pretty in the passenger seat while her sneaky link/boyfriend/significant other drives.

Yesterday, I was a passenger princess while my boyfriend drove me around the town.

Congrats Seb on this major milestone!

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