NYC Prep Season One, Episode Six Recap “Guests of Guests” [VIDEOS]

PC apologizes for “being out of hand” at Camille’s party, while Kelli’s eyes smolder with indignation. She shoots back faster than he can take it “I don’t want you to apologize if you don’t mean it.” Kelli points out that she’s not immature, but PC’s the one who’s acting like a child. PC sticks to his guns about being the most mature boy in the whole world. “I feel like I’m fighting with a chick,” Kelli says with disdain, and they part enemies: redfaced and angry with the embarrassment of toddlers fighting in the sandbox. PC’s case is especially tragic, because if Partis and Barron Hilton are to be learned from, socialites never really grow up. PC may be solidified forever as a curious man-child. Kelli, however, has a bit of hope, unless her singing career works out too early. Walking home Sebastian displays the most emotion he’s ever shown when Kelli tells him about the girl comment. “You shouldn’t have called him that!” Red flag! When a man thinks being called a girl is the worst thing in the world, it’s time to move on.

At yet another fashion show Jessie is upset because PC’s talking to Deborah (pronounced Deb-OR-rah), so she sits in his front row seat with Kat. When PC comes to sit down, he has to sit in the second row, which to him, is like “nothing.”

In the interview PC really lets the vehemence fly, calling Jessie a “Fat C**t”, “Pain in the f*cking ass”, and a “Fat ass.” Also, “I just wanted to put a bag over her head and kill her, but that’s illegal, you can’t do that.”

Outside after the show, PC flips off both Jessie and Kat. Sitting in the second row of a fashion show is probably the worst thing that’s ever happened to him, so I understand if he was a little upset.

Next, Kelli takes Camille shopping before she meets with her stylist. Camille makes fun of Kelli about her stylist and image coaching, asking why they don’t think Kelli’s put together already. Camille’s a little off base here, because Kelli does have a great voice, she’s going to have to play some games to promote herself if she wants a singing career. She is right to mock Kelli’s singing coach’s idea to but an exclamation point at the end of her name. This isn’t 1987.

Since she wasn’t gettin’ no respect, Jessie left Charlotte Ronson in the dust and started working for Carmen Marc Valvo. Unlike Ronson, who seems to have a massive staff, Valvo’s team is smaller and more than willing to accommodate Jessie’s desire to get her hands dirty in the fashion industry. I’m sure Valvo didn’t mind the exposure Jessie brought with her either.

Jessie doesn’t get off to a great start, not only is she late to her first event, but she invites PC, who brings his new artsy, fashionisty entourage which encludes Deb-OR-ah, and Virginia Woolf.

At the event Jessie tells her direct boss, Frank, that he has her dream job. Frank, who seems warm yet jaded replied warily, “You think it’s a dream job.”