NYC Prep Season One, Episode Six Recap “Guests of Guests” [VIDEOS]

Jessie pulls PC aside and b*tches at him. Virginia Woolf tries to convince PC to put off doing his homework so he can party with them. So, yeah, Jessie’s partly right that this crowd may be steering PC towards bad choices, but Jessie makes me want to pull out my ears and my eyeballs.

Here’s a clip of Deb-OR-rah telling PC she will “waste” Jessie, it’s priceless:

Camille and her mom get pampered at a spa. Snore.

Sebastian goes on a date with Daniela, his first public school girl. He starts talkin’ crap about Taylor, who Daniela knows, so things go south. Daniela furthers the awkward situation by asking to touch his hair.

In the interview Taylor talks excitedly about her new BFF, PC. She’s dazzled by PC’s Private Schoolness, and his bisexuality and promiscuousness. It’s all so glamorous it makes her head spin.

Jessie shows up for her first day of work, work, and gets questions about PC’s friends. Frank seems annoyed, and then takes Jessie to a warehouse in New Jersey to find dresses. Jessie is overwhelmed by the magnificence of so many dresses in one place, and finds about one of the dresses they need. She describes the warehouse as heaven, again leaving Frank looking ironic and world-weary.

After her romp in heaven, Jessie meets p with PC to b*tch at him some more. She spats out the now classic mantra “Guests of Guests Do Not Bring Guests!” PC is not amused and stands by his group of Warhol wannabes. Then their beardmance steams up as Jessie reveals what’s actually getting her upset: “I just wanted you there.”

“So that’s it,” PC says, and Jessie tries to turn it into concern for him. But that’s really what it is. Jessie’s heaven is a warehouse full of designer dresses and PC on her arm frolicking through it.

She thinks it’s heaven, anyway, right Frank? Frank knows.

She starts to tear up in the interview room as she says she thinks people use PC for his money, but Jessie’s really angry that PC won’t confess his love for her. So she’ll just get angrier and angrier, which will push him farther and farther away.

Maybe things will get better for Jessie in college.

Here’s some bonus clips from this episode: