NYC Prep Season One, Episode Six Recap “Guests of Guests” [VIDEOS]


Last episode Sebastian told Taylor with a cold, careless flip of his hair, that he didn’t want to be her friend, turning the “conversation to end all awkwardness” into the “conversation to cement awkwardness.”

Later this episode we find that Sebastian orchestrated this act of meanness in an attempt to bag Kelli, because telling a girl she’s his second choice always makes her feel flattered. Turns out Sebastian’s hair is more of a smooth operator than he is.

It’s fashion week, and that means Jessie is interning at the Charlotte Ronson show. In interview she venoumously calls the other interns pathetic because they’re all about seven years older than her and have the same amount of work experience.

Turns out they were so pathetic they forgot to let her join their clique, so she was relegated to “door duty” with another outsider who steeps so low as to gossip about Lindsey Lohan.

The next fashion show on the NYC Prep to-do list is Jill Stewart, and PC’s invited Taylor. To me PC’s fascination with Taylor must be prompted by Jessie sticking in his craw so much, he’s interviewing for a new beard. Taylor brings her boyfriend Cole, who hates PC because he was mean at Camille’s dinner. PC and his friend Kat show up wearing sunglasses indoors and straining to be cool. Taylor, however, is not playing cool, and lets her “public school” roots when she squeals about seeing Amanda Bynes. PC tries to coach her against her embarrassing fangirl ways, but Taylor continues to exclaim “I want to meet Amanda Bynes.” The crew heads to their front row seats, because “It’s either the front row or nothing.” During the show, Taylor and Cole kept making statements like “Oh, I like purple,” prompting PC to whip around and snap “It’s not just about the clothes, it’s about the hair and makeup too.” Paris Hilton is also at the Jill Stuart show, and Taylor can’t help but feel smitten. She forgives PC and Kat for wearing sunglasses indoors because of Paris Hilton’s precedent and later reveals that she had the urge to run up an hug the heiress. Page Six has revealed that PC’s cool skills paid off, he’s actually been cozying up to one of the Hiltons. Taylor, take notes. Sebastian invited Kelli to the Eric Fetherson show even though he’s “not really into fashion” to tell her she’s his second choice. Kelli smirks after he reveals he’s been mean to Taylor, in a “You are a f*cking moron if you think you can play me like that” kind of way. I like Kelli more and more. She’s so small I could fit her in my pocket, but she’s a little feisty. Sebastian doesn’t tell Kelli that PC is in the front row of the Fetherson show, because Kelli’s still pissed about PC being acting like a 10-year-old bully at Camille’s dinner. After the show Sebastian reveals his thoughts about fashion, which are kind of true, “I just feel that no would ever wear that sh*t, ever.” As Sebastian and Kelli are leaving, the run into PC, who wants to talk to Kelli privately. Sebastian slinks into the background to muse on the low buzz that’s constantling idling his brain. Meanwhile, at the catfight . . .