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The official pre-trailer teaser trailer for Universal’s upcoming Jurassic World will debut on Thanksgiving Day. Specifically, it’ll air on NBC, at some delicious point during the Thanksgiving night football match between the 49ers of San Francisco and the Seahawks of Seattle. A day of food, followed by a night of beastly football players, shot through with the promise of monsters from a world long-abandoned: it’s a recipe for fun if ever one has been.

Or, you can check out the pre-teaser trailer teaser trailer right now.

Universal, in a (successful) attempt at ramping up expectations for what it’s hoping will be a well-received reboot of the Jurassic Park franchise, decided to go ahead with a quick little early trailer this weekend.

Part bid for “Holy Crap!” from its audience and part reminder that, oh, hey, the actual first trailer will be out about 96 hours from now, the move makes a lot of business sense. It also lets us get excited about the possibility of the first good dinosaur movie since 1993.

What’s the trailer got going for it? There’s Chris Pratt, looking serious as he gets off a futuristic elevator; there’s Bryce Dallas Howard standing in front of computers Samuel L. Jackson can only wish he had access to; there’s a crazy Star Trek-looking future car; and there are some dinosaurs.

Noted comedian and social commentarist Patton Oswalt once criticized George Lucas’ terrible mishandling of the Star Wars prequels by reminding him of the series’ formula: “Space ships and monsters; it’s so easy!” The same isn’t quite true of Jurassic Park, but here’s hoping that the screenwriters can set up a simple enough story and then get the hell out of the awesome dinosaurs’ awesome way.

Jurassic World opens June 12.


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