My Five Wives’ Brady Williams files for bankruptcy

TLC My Five Wives family photo with Brady Williams, his five wives and their 24 children

When you have five wives and 24 children to support, even a nice TLC paycheck only goes so far! My Five Wives‘s Brady Williams apparently found that out the hard way and has now filed for bankruptcy.

According to TMZ, the plural-marraige patriarch is $400,000 in debt. His assets are primarily limited to his vehicles ($16,728), real estate ($10,215) and other miscellaneous items such as a $20 lawnmower and $50 wedding ring. He only has $3.61 in his savings account.

As for the debt, Brady and his wives owe credit card companies $180,000. He also has a $100,000 business loan and other debts, which all adds up to $420,000. That means the debt outweighs the family’s assets by $393,000.

Brady is a philosophy student who works part-time with his brother’s construction business. Some of his wives contribute to the family fund: Paulie works as a dental hygienist, Nonie handles the construction business and Rhonda serves as a medical assistant.

In most cases, those would be sufficient incomes. However, considering the USDA estimates it costs $235,000 to raise an American child to adulthood, the Williams need $5,640,000 over the course of 20-some years to make ends meet — so going back to school for a philosophy degree probably wasn’t the wisest idea.

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