My Five Wives’ Rhonda Williams reveals childhood sexual abuse

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Today one of the stars of the now-canceled TLC show My Five Wives revealed a heartbreaking story about the sexual abuse she suffered as a child at the hands of a beloved uncle.

In a post entitled “This Happened!!” Rhonda describes several vivid memories she has of abuse when she was a child and her Uncle Marvin was a teenager. These horrifying flashbacks came rushing back to her at age 19 after another uncle, her great uncle Joe, was accused of molesting his children. When her mother confronted her children about whether or not Uncle Joe had done anything to them, Rhonda says she was taken back to her abuse at the hands of another.

I know that nothing was ever said to my parents. I also know that each of these memories were separate times of abuse. In one I was refusing to go into the room for candy. I loved candy!! I obviously knew what would happen in the room from prior experience. I also noted that the lock was latched in one memory and someone simply walked in on the other one, the door was not locked at all. (I’m still amazed that he didn’t lock the door to keep others out).

I live with the fear that at anytime I could be haunted again by more memories of what he did to me.

This is not the first startling and troubling revelation from Rhonda about sexual abuse in her family. In November of 2014 she shared another lengthy blog post detailing her memories of being sexually abused by her father.

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