MUG SHOT Utah man named Christopher Reeves arrested while wearing Superman shirt

Christopher Reeves Arrested Superman Shirt Mug Shot

This Superman fan may be named Christopher Reeves, but he’s nothing like the classic Man of Steel: The Utah wannabe was arrested earlier today for driving under the influence, methamphetamine possession and a small handful of other drug-related crimes.

Christopher was busted for illegally demonstrating super-human speed behind the steering wheel of a car (aka, speeding) early Tuesday morning in Davis County, Utah. After the 33-year-old failed a field sobriety test, officers discovered he was carrying 52 grams of methamphetamine, a metal pipe and a meth pipe.

A Davis County Police Department spokesman made a point of noting Christopher Reeves isn’t related to the late, great Superman actor with an identical name.

Christopher Reeves Superman American Flag

He’s presumably also unrelated to Adventures of Superman star George Reeves.

The criminal Christopher Reeves was booked at Belle Reve Penitentiary the county jail. Bail was set at $15,000. Interestingly, a random reporter named Clark Kent hasn’t shown up to work at the local newspaper since Christopher was detained…

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