Sons of Guns’ Will Hayden indicted on child rape charges, faces mandatory life sentence

Will Hayden Mug Shot - Indicted for rape

Former Discovery Channel star Will Hayden was formally indicted this week by a Louisiana grand jury on three counts of rape involving two female victims.

Will, who starred on Sons of Guns as the owner of Red Jacket Firearm, was arrested in August for aggravated rape against a minor. According to documents released at the time, Will allegedly raped the minor “almost daily” since March 2013 and was accused of taking her virginity when she was 11. Multiple sources identified the girl as Will’s young daughter.

Will’s older daughter, Stephanie Hayden Ford, initially defended him. But, after a 34-year-old woman claimed Will raped her when she was 12, Stephanie said Will also sexually abused her during her childhood.

“I’m very afraid of him. I think that he has spent his life manipulating people and hurting people,” she told Dr. Phil in September. “He controlled my entire world.”

Will faces a mandatory life sentence if convicted of aggravated rape.

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