MUG SHOT, PHOTOS Florida mother beats child with belt, sends her to school in shame shirt, becomes early front runner for “Worst Parent of the Year” award

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Melany Joyce Alexander, age 30, of Hernando County FL, is under arrest for child abuse after beating her daughter with a metal-studded belt and forcing her to wear to school a shirt on which the mother had written a long note about the daughter’s failing grades.

A deputy from the Hernando County Sheriff’s Department arrived at the child’s middle school in response to reports of child abuse made by the daughter’s teachers. The deputy and a social worker examined the child’s body, and discovered “clear impressions” made by the belt, which both parties deemed excessive. According to the police report, the child had been hit with a “leather belt with holes with metal divots, which left clear impressions in several places to include both arms, neck, chest, back and legs.”

The child was also wearing a white T-shirt, on which Alexander had written a sandwich board-like list of complaints she had about her daughter. Penned in the first person, the note proclaimed that the daughter was not “aloud to have a boyfriend” because she was making straight Fs in school, and that she would get “another good woopin” if she didn’t bring her grades up.

The shirt continued on the back, explaining that the daughter’s days as a “social butterfly” were over, and that she had learned her lesson:


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Melody Alexander was questioned at her home later in the day. At first, she was uncooperative, but later admitted that she was responsible for the shirt and the marks on her child’s body. She is currently being held without bond.


(Photo credits: Hernando County Police)

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