MUG SHOT Honey Boo Boo’s cousin “Crazy” Tony Lindsey arrested in gorilla suit prank

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo's Crazy Tony Lindsey mug shot photo after gorilla suit arrest

Apparently Honey Boo Boo’s cousin “Crazy” Tony Lindsey didn’t earn his moniker from just from doing acrobatic tricks on a 4-wheeler, suspending young girls uspide-down from trees, snake handling, and wrestling Mama June into a lake! The fun-lovin’ Tony was arrested along with four others for being involved with a highway prank involving a gorilla suit.

In a police report obtained by TMZ, Deputy Joe Rozier reveals he was driving along Georgia Highway 20 at approximately 11pm when he ran across Tony and pals monkeying around. “I observed a white male dressed in a gorilla suit acting as if he was going to jump into my lane of travel,” Rozier states in the report. “I swerved into the left lane to avoid an accident with the person.”

Immediately after the “Gorilla make me holla, honey boo boo child” prank, Deputy Rozier exited his stopped car with flashlight in hand and “observed several white males run up the embankment and into the woods.” The officer shouted that he was going to release his K-9 police dog on the group and one of those in the grou shouted back, “You don’t have to do that, we’re coming back.”

The groups consisted of five adults and two kids, but no gorilla suit. But eventually they caved in and “fessed up to stashing the suit in the woods,” according to Rozier.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo's Crazy Tony suspends Pumpkin from a tree
^ Crazy Tony suspends Pumpkin from a tree upside-down

The suit was recovered and entered into evidence. The five adults were arrested for reckless conduct and booked. And in case you were wondering, there was apparently booze involved. (There is no information on the other adults arrested or the identities of the two kids present at the time. We would assume if they had any connection to the show TMZ would have included that in their report.)

In case you missed Crazy Tony’s antics on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, here’s a brief clip with a couple out-takes, including his snake-handling skills!

The arrest could shine a little light on a regional mystery as nearby Macon, Georgia has been a hotspot for mysterious “Swamp Ape” sightings for years, so much so that the local annual music festival Bragg Jam has adopted the Southern fried Sasquatch as their mascot! Could it be that the mysterious Swamp Ape has just been ol Crazy Tony all along?

Check out this Swamp Ape sighting clip — looks very similar to what Deputy Rozier described!

Ol “Crazy” Tony needs to start keeping his craziness off the roadways! Not only is it a huge danger to motorist, but this might happen!