Miranda Kerr bikini photos for Victoria’s Secret in St. Barth

Miranda Kerr

I keep thinking there’s gonna come a day when I’m faced with a twenty-something year old hottie in a bikini and think to myself, “Meh. I’m tired of looking at young attractive women wearing next to nothing and frolicking about on the beach. I wonder what she’s really like? Does she listen to Bob Dylan or Britney Spears? What’s really sexy is an older woman with a kind smile…”

That day wasn’t today. Nope, I took one glance at this next picture of 26-year-old Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr in a really tight and tiny hot pink bikini and I thought to myself, “DAYUM! Just having it on my computer screen diminished what few admirable qualities I have by half!” I’m reminded of a line from one of Billy Joe Shaver’s immaculate honky-tonk songs “Black Rose,”

When the Devil made that woman
Lord he threw the pattern away
She were built for speed
with the tools you need
to make a new fool everyday

Here, you can Listen to Waylon Jennings’ smokin’ cover of the song from the second greatest country album of all time Honky Tonk Heros as you peruse Miranda’s Kerrvs:

Miranda Kerr walks along the beach in a hot pink bikini

These pictures were taken in St. Bart (or St. Barths – there seem to be conflicting opinions on the internet as to which is correct) during a Victoria’s Secret catalog shoot on January 25, 2010. Most of the photos feature Miranda in the little pink swimsuit, but there’s also one of her in a white bikini and another with a lingerie top and torn jeans. In the latter Miranda appears to be modeling for a sexy jeans ad, but I think that it’s actually just her being what she would call “casual.”

Click thumbnails for larger images in the gallery:

Photos: Top 4: TRB/Fame Pictures, Bottom 3: Spread Pictures/Fame Pictures

I feel I should offer up some sort of public service announcement about the negative psychological effects of unrealistic expectations placed on young women by the media and by society when it comes to their looks and their weight, but my noble thoughts have bled through my eyes and I got nothin’.

Want to see more of Miranda? Well, in that tiny bit of cloth there isn’t much more of Miranda to see, but that’s not what I meant 🙂 Want to see more bikini photos of Miranda? CLICK HERE to see some more from a different bikini modeling shoot in Australia back in August of 2009.

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