LuAnn de Lesseps went on a massive relapse binge after finding out her children were suing her

LuAnn de Lesseps says she downed two or three watermelon martinis, two bottles of rosé wine, and a six-pack of beer after finding out her two kids and ex-husband Count Alexandre de Lesseps were suing her over the sale of a $8 million house. After the binge she entered rehab for the second time this year.

LuAnn recounted her recent struggles to Today‘s Megyn Kelly this morning. She explained that she wants more privacy because everyone knows where she lives in the Hamptons and she just wanted to escape to a nice house in upstate New York.

Initial reports of this lawsuit revealed that they were suing her for not setting up a trust for the kids (Victoria and Noel) included in the sale of the house, which breaches a stipulation of her 2009 divorce settlement with the Count. The children grew up in the house and LuAnn has now decided to not sell the house after all so they can stay there.

According to her the kids didn’t like that plan so when her ex-husband came to stay with them, he blocked the sale of the house and sued her. She says the news devastated her so when a friend suggested making watermelon martinis, she agreed and then did stop drinking. She says she’s come to terms with the fact that she can’t have one or two drinks socially because once she started drinking, she can’t stop.

Even though LuAnn felt betrayed by the decision of her ex and kids, she says she know understands why they did what they did. “I was really going big up there, upstate, with a really big property,” she explains. “Since then, I’ve decided to take something smaller and keep my home for the children because I love them.”

LuAnn’s finding solace and meaning in her cabaret show #CountessAndFriends, which she says is “saving her life” because she gets to do something she loves.

According to LuAnn, she’s worked with her family and they are no longer taking her to court.

Amelia Cunningham is a Starcasm writer and editor