Listen to Rihanna and Chris Brown’s controversial Birthday Cake Remix; are they getting back together?

It’s been over three years since the domestic violence incident that shook the pop culture world. Now, after lots of drama and legal proceedings, Chris Brown and Rihanna have been hanging out again.

Part of Chris Brown’s 2009 punishment for hitting Rihanna was that he wasn’t allowed to see her. February 2011 Brown got his restraining order downgraded to a “level one” meaning that he can now spend time with Rihanna, but cannot “annoy, molest, or conduct surveillance of the person on the order.”

Chris attended Rihanna’s 24th birthday party, though he tried to keep it a secret, even asking guests to sign a confidentiality agreement (his efforts failed big time.) The former couple have also released two collaborations together: “Birthday Cake Remix” and “Turn up the Music Remix.”

The most controversial of the two collabs is “Birthday Cake Remix,” which features Chris and Rihanna rapping at each other suggestively. Well, more than suggestively:

Girl, I wanna f*ck you right now.
Been a long time. I been missin your body.
Lemme lemme turn the lights down.
When I, when I go down it’s a private party.
Ooh ooh, it’s not even her birthday,
but I wanna lick the icing off.
Give it to her in the worst way.
Can’t wait to blow her candles off.”


Remember how you did it, remember how you did it

If you still wanna kiss it, come come and get it

Put a candle on my muthaf-ckin back, baby blow it..

Daddy make a wish, put this cake in your face..


Does anybody else feel me in a collective “Rihanna, what the eff are you doing?”

Speaking of Rihanna’s birthday cake, here’s her real birthday cake. That’s Rihanna (her first name is Robyn) riding a giant spliff. And people thought Miley Cyrus’ cake was controversial.

Here’s the “Turn Up the Music Remix”

CLICK HERE To download the original “Birthday Cake” off of the incredibly addictive Talk That Talk album.
But besides all that, what do you think about Rihanna’s flirtatious remix with Chris? Is is a good that think they are hanging out again, getting back together?

Lyrics copied and pasted from Necole Bitchie!