LINKS! Jennifer Lawrence’s hot brains, Bill O’Reilly naked in a whirlpool, Natalia Borges’ super-small bikini…

Jennifer Lawrence during an appearance on NBC's 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.'

DLISTEDJennifer Lawrence’s 48-year-old boyfriend is grateful she has the maturity of a woman twice her age and the body of Jennifer Lawrence

CELEBITCHYFor a 70-year-old man, Donald Trump sure does whine like a child about to fall down a garbage chute in a chocolate factory

JEZEBELChelsea Clinton is not here for your higher office urgings

VOX“Jimmy Fallon or Seth Meyers” is the “Betty or Veronica” of our time (except no one gets laid at the end of it)

THE BLEMISHA 25-year-old Indonesian man went missing and his dead body was later cut out of a 23-foot snake and there’s video because humans

VERY SMART BROTHASThis list of 22 accurate descriptions of Bill O’Reilly has way fewer expletives than you might expect

REALITY TEASouthern Charm‘s spinoff is also set in a coastal paradise

UPROXXChristopher Nolan is making A.V. club nerds the world over raise their fists and cheer and God bless him for it

THE SUPERFICIALHere’s Natalia Borges’ entry in the “Smallest Bikini of the Day” contest

(Photo credit: Jennifer Lawrence’s hot brains via NBC)

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