LINKS! NeNe’s rape wish apology, Nelly rape allegations, Last Jedi trailer…

NeNe's rape wish apology

DLISTEDMaybe the new Blade Runner wouldn’t have flopped if it was just Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling sipping scotch and joking with a British interviewer for two hours

REALITY TEANeNe apologized for wishing rape upon a fan at her show last weekend, so that’s probably the last we’ll hear of that, right?

CELEBITCHYAlso in the “What The Hell Were They Thinking” category, Dove apologized for the ad where their soap turns a dirty black women into a magical clean white one

JEZEBELThis video of an erudite German cosplayer explaining how people walked differently in Medieval Europe is the most soothing thing you’ll see all day

THE BLEMISHIn further rape-based news, Nelly allegedly raped someone who wouldn’t get in his ride

VOXHere’s the first full trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which hits theaters in just two short months

VERY SMART BROTHASESPN suspended Jemele Hill for unclear, dumb reasons two weeks after they refrained from suspending her for a much more politically obvious (if also dumb) reason

THE SUPERFICIALSpeaking of punishable behavior, here’s the video of the Miami Dolphins’ offensive line coach snorting what sure looks like an illegal white powder of some sort

UPROXXWine country, the only part of California not touched by wildfire this year, is now on fire

(Photo credits: NeNe’s rape wish apology via Instagram)

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