EXCLUSIVE Lawsuit filed against Floribama Shore producers and Aimee Hall by alleged punch victim

Aimee Hall Floribama Shore lawsuit

The fallout continues after an alleged altercation between Floribama Shore star Aimee Hall and a female patron at a Panama City Beach bar early in the AM on May 16. We can exclusively reveal that the 25-year-old woman who Aimee reportedly punched in the face after the woman told Aimee she thought the show made PCB look “ratchet,” is now suing Aimee and the producers of the show for damages. She is also seeking an injunction to prevent the scene from being aired on MTV.

The attorney for the alleged victim filed the lawsuit on July 6 and is seeking in excess of $15,000 in damages on behalf of his client. After laying out the details of the incident from the police report, the lawsuit states:

As a direct and proximate result of this battery, Plaintiff suffered serious bodily injury and emotional injury and resulting pain and suffering, mental anguish, embarrassment, medical expenses, and medical and nursing care and treatment. These losses are continuing and permanent, and Plaintiff will suffer these losses in the future.

The lawsuit also names the show’s production company, 495 Productions, as a defendant in the suit. The suit claims that Aimee was an employee of 495 Productions, and since “the battery of Plaintiff was committed by Aimee Hall within the scope of and course of her employment with 495 Productions while filming for the second season of Floribama Shore,” then “495 Productions Holdings is vicariously liable for the battery of Plaintiff.”

The suit takes the claim against the production company one step further by accusing them of negligence in the incident. Here is the argument:

While filming Floribama Shores [sic], 495 Productions travels throughout Panama City Beach and interacting and encountering visitors and residents of Panama City Beach, Bay County, Florida.

495 Productions owed a duty to these individuals with whom it interacts and encounters to conduct its business in a reasonable and prudent manner so as to not cause harm to these individuals.

495 Productions hired security guards that traveled with Aimee Hall and the other case [sic] members of Floribama Shore when it filmed at Ms. Newby’s on May 16, 2018.

MTV Floribama Shore cast

495 Productions had the sole and complete responsibility to control and supervise its employees, including Aimee Hall and its security guards, and 495 Productions knew or should have known of the necessity, the opportunity, and the requirement to exercise its control and supervision over these employees.

495 Productions breached this duty of care by facilitating, promoting and encouraging its servants, agents and employees, including, Aimee Hall, to consume large amounts of intoxicants, and to engage in extreme and outrageous behavior in order to promote ratings, and therefore, increase revenue for the company.

495 Productions further breached its duty of care by failing to exercise reasonable care in its control and supervision over its employees.

In so doing, 495 Productions created a hazardous and dangerous situation when Aimee Hall and the other cast members of Floribama Shore travelled throughout Panama City Beach filming.

As mentioned above, the lawsuit is not only seeking damages, but also an injunction to prevent MTV from airing footage of the altercation. The suit points out that producers “filmed Plaintiff without her permission or consent” and “publishing of this video footage would create irreparable harm and embarrassment to the Plaintiff.” The suit requests that the court “enter a temporary injunction, permanent injunction and final judgment prohibiting the disclosure of any video footage involving Plaintiff obtained as Ms. Newby’s on May 16, 2018.”

The lawsuit is certainly not new ground for 495 Productions. Jersey Shore fans will recall the multiple altercations involving Ronnie Ortiz-Magro that lead to threats of a lawsuit by two men, and an actual lawsuit by another.

The criminal case against Aimee Hall on the misdemeanor battery charge is still pending with a trial management hearing scheduled for August 7.

It’s unknown if MTV planned on using the punch footage or not. It doesn’t seem that they have used it in any of the promotional clips promoting the new season, some of which were released prior to the lawsuit being filed.

However, there will be an alleged bar punch thrown on Monday night’s episode of Floribama Shore, resulting in Kirk Medas being taken away in handcuffs by police! A search of Florida court records turned up no record of an arrest or citation for Kirk, outside of an incident when he was 19 and caught with a can of Natural Light. (He was involved in a similar underage alcohol-related incident in Georgia the year before.)

In addition to the bar fights, Floribama Shore also has an apparent stalker issue as Kortni Gilson was forced to take out a protective order against her boyfriend Logan. Click the link for all the details on that case!

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