VIDEO PHOTOS Lady Gagadiva literally rides in on her high horse at AMAs

Lady Gaga American Music Awards horse

Lady Gaga has been receiving criticism over the past few months for taking herself and her ARTPOP “movement” a little too seriously, and the singer seemed to poke a little fun at herself (jut as she did as host of Saturday Night Live) by arriving at the American Music Awards literally riding her high horse. It wasn’t an actual horse, of course, of course, it was more of some kind of Star Wars stormtrooper horse powered by two human beings (aka interns).

Lady Gaga riding a horse at American Music Awards red carpet

Her arrival brought to mind Lady Godiva, who infamously rode naked through the streets of Coventry in the eleventh century, but ironically this was one of the rare times Lady Gaga was actually wearing clothing.

Lady Gaga horseback at the American Music Awards red carpet

And speaking of her clothing, Lady G was wearing Versace from head to toe, which makes sense given that she was just named the new face of the fashion house. Actually, not only was Lady Gaga dressed in Versace, but she was dressed in Versace VERY similar to the look she wore in the official promotional campaign poster released lat week:

Lady Gaga in Versace at the American Music Awards red carpet

Lady Gaga face of Versace campaign poster

And just in case you (like me) were curious to see what Lady Gaga’s human horse looks like in motion, here’s a video of her riding it on the red carpet prior to dismounting:

I’m just glad she didn’t ride a real horse, which mot certainly would have damaged the carpet with a bit of ARTPLOP, if you know what I mean.

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