Kim Kardashian trolls the internet with racy booty photos

Kim Kardashian booty bikini pool

Kim Kardashian seems to be living by the mantra “if you’ve got it, flaunt it” as she transforms Mexico into Gluteus Maxico with some bootiful South of the Border bikini photos of herself while on vacation.

In the photo above, Kim shows off her famous flotation device in the pool and below she goes topless as she gets some sun poolside with a pregnant pal:

Kim Kardashian topless photo

Kim seems well aware that her badonkadonk is pretty much the equivalent of a very pregnant belly as she captioned the picture with the hashtag #OurLovelyLadyLumps.

And in case you were curious, the baby bump belongs to Joe Francis’ significant other (and Couples Therapy alum) Abbey Wilson. Kim is currently vacationing with the Girls Gone Wild couple at their Mexican estate.

If you think about it, given that there are two celebrities in the photo, then that means it is a picture of the sun, the moon and the stars! (Perhaps Kim’s buttographs are actually metaphorical artistic compositions with deep hidden meaning? This merits some research…)

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