Kid Rock’s 2010 EMA Awards finger flipping after party

Kid Rock flips the bird after 2010 EMAs

If you’re a rock star and its 4AM after an award show it can be hard to figure out what to do with your time.  You could hit the sack and sleep off the drinks, you could sit down and write another crappy homage to an originally good song, or if you’re Kid Rock you can ignite an impromptu finger flipping festival!

Some fans and members of the paparazzi were able to catch Kid Rock making his way back to his hotel room not at the top of 4 Seasons at 4AM following the 2010 European Music Awards.  With cigar in hand the denim sporting celeb had a few adult words to share with the press and then got into an all out bird flipping party with some female fans out looking for the Kid’s rock. 

In a weird way this was kind of the celebrity symbolic trend of the night as pop singer Ke$ha whipped out her Jersey state birds for the cameras well before Kid Rock’s 4AM middle digit assault.  When you’re out flanked by Ke$ha I think your time as an innovative artist may be coming to an end.  Here’s Kid Rock with some of his lady friend finger flipping fans giving it their all:

Fans flip off the camera with Kid Rock after 2010 EMAs

When he was asked by one of Madrid’s finest reporters how his night went at the EMAs Kid Rock said:

“Much better than yours.”

Just let you fingers do the talking kid.

Kid Rock in Madrid finger flipping with fans after 2010 EMAs

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