KFC makes us all say ‘ew’ with its new Double Down Dog

Double Down Dog

KFC, the fast food chain known for serving up buckets upon buckets of artery clogging fried chicken, has one-upped itself with the release of its new creation the Double Down Dog.

In the words of Jimmy Fallon, ew!

ew jimmy fallon and channing tatum on Make A Gif

The new food item is exactly what it looks like: a hotdog, drizzled with cheese sauce, and wrapped in a fried chicken “bun”. KFC describes their new item as, “a legendary dish for a legendary appetite.”

The Double Down Dog is currently only available in the Philippines, and this culinary masterpiece carries with it some pretty strict guidelines including only being sold for two days and allowing just 50 to be sold each day.

According to some reports, these dogs are flying off the shelves.

Double Down Dog

At least it’s low carb, right? Would you order one?

Photos: KFC Facebook

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