Kelly Hildebrandt Loves Kelly Hildebrandt – Couple with exact same name to wed!


Thank Facebook for this.

Without Facebook, Kelly Hildebrandt and Kelly Hildebrandt would have never met each other, fallen in love, and gotten engaged. They would be lost Kelly Hildebrandts foolishly searching the wide world for love with people with names different than theirs. Thankfully, that’s not their fate.

For fun the female Kelly was searching Facebook for people who shared her name (you know we’ve all done that!) One of them (there couldn’t have been very many anyway) was the shirtless male Kelly Hildebrandt from Lubbok, TX. Female Kelly, from Coral Springs, FL, felt a little tingle when she saw the pic and decided to chat him up. The rest will go down in Hildebrandt history.

The match are set to get married this fall, a move the groom has been contemplating for a while. Before the pair of namesakes even met the male Kelly thought that this would be the girl he would marry.

While the female Kelly won’t have to change her name, they’re in for a lifetime of mail and phone confusion. They’re already having to open all of their mail to see who each piece is for. This is a couple that definitely won’t be able to keep secrets from each other.


~ Carrie Glass
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