Ke$ha being not so trashy for line of signature Casio Baby-G watches

Kesha wearing leather and roller skates for Casio Baby-G watch advertisement

You know you have a pretty trashy image when wearing fish nets, black satin, and roller skates is “cleaning up!” But that’s exactly the case with dumpster hipster Ke$ha who toned down her Sleaza Minelli persona in some promotional photos for her new line of limited edition Baby-G watches.

In the photo above (click to enlarge) Ke$ha looks like a waitress from a new chain of drive in Hot Topic restaurants, but in a restrained, almost bring home to daddy-able kind of way. Especially notable is Ke$ha’s make-up, which is restrained and ***GULP*** completely unsmeared!

But it’s really difficult to unteach a young dog old tricks (what?), so Ke$ha reverts to her morning after eyeliner look in this next photo, although the end result is still remarkably less mish-mashy-trashy than usual:

Ke$ha poses in a denim jacket and fishnet stockings for Casio Baby-G watch ad

(I have to admit that I’m more likely to buy anything advertised by an attractive woman wearing denim and fishnets! Or knee-high stockings and roller skates for that matter! Well played, Ke$ha. Well played indeed.)

The Casio watches come in two different styles including the black model BGA200KS-1E (retail $120) with a leopard print face and the American Flag themed model BG5600KS-7 (retail $99), which comes in white with red and blue detailing. Here’s what the singer/designer had to say about the timepieces:

This experience with Casio is so exciting because it’s my first collaboration as a designer and it’s extra meaningful because I wrote my first single “TiK ToK” on a Casio keyboard. In creating my red, white and blue watch, I was obviously inspired by the American flag because it’s a recurring theme in my aesthetic but also represents freedom of speech, a right I passionately exercise in my life and in my music. Leopard print is another recurring theme in my look, which I like to wear because it brings out my animal inside. I hope when people wear my watches they’re reminded to express themselves always and never lose the animal inside themselves.

I’m all about Ke$ha looking good in a way that doesn’t make me instantly think of the word “quarantine,” and I also support celebrities wanting to diversify their resumes (and revenue streams) with different business ventures, but after looking through the Casio web site this little “Tik Tok” venture comes across as pretty lame. They’ve essentially just taken existing watches, changed out the colors a little, and added Ke$ha’s name where it usually said how water resistant the watch is. That’s it! For example, here’s a side-by-side of Ke$ha’s “new” custom leopard print watch and another pre-existing Baby-G watch (model BGA200LP-5E), which even has the added bonus of a visibly discernible leopard print band!

Limited edition Casio Baby-G leopard print watch by Ke$ha model BGA200KS-1EBrown Casio Baby-G watch with an animal print face model BGA200LP-5E

It’s the same thing with her American flag themed timepiece, seen here beside a red version of the same thing (model BG5600SA-4 – which is $20 cheaper at $79):

Kesha's limited edition Casio Baby-G red white and blue watch model BG5600KS-7 Casio Baby-G watch model BG5600SA-4  red

Here’s the description of the two watches, which are currently available for pre-order from (but only one per household!):

Baby-G and pop superstar KE$HA collaborate for a pair of limited edition signature models that truly highlight her eclectic style.

The square model, BGA200, flirts with wildly popular leopard prints while the BG5600 model features a star spangled tribute to the red, white and blue.

KE$HA’s signature is featured on the dial, band, and/or case back of both models and each comes with its own distinctive package., Both packages are made using recycled paper, as requested by the musician herself.

Hmmmm… I guess you do get packages made of recycled paper.

Ke$ha’s signature Baby-G watches will soon be available at Tourneau, Nordstrom, select Macy’s stores, and fashion boutiques.

Ke$ha photos: TerryRichardson / Baby-G / Splash News

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