VIDEO Katy Perry at Burning Man is pretty much Furiosa from Mad Max Fury Road

Katy Perry Burning Man

In a new Instagram video, Katy Perry channels her inner Furiosa to become Furry-osa as she celebrates her first appearance at the steampunk desert version of Coachella known as Burning Man by sporting a gas masky handkerchief/goggles combo and showing off her mad Segway skills — for about three seconds.

??obvious first time burner alert??

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I love Katy Perry so much. It seems that no matter what tough things she is going through in her personal life, she always puts forth a GIANT effort to inspire positivity and put a smile on people’s faces, be it with her joyful fashion choices, inspirational lyrics, or her willingness to share humbling moments like flubbing on a Segway at Burning Man. Doing this job I see A LOT of negativity, and Katy is always a refreshing dose of feel good. Thanks KP! 🙂

Katy Perry Segway meme

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