Kate Gosselin tells ‘The Today Show’ she still loves the Jon “she knew”; shocked and hurt over Hailey Glassman [VIDEO]

Kate Gosselin shops for toys after her emotional interview on the Today show

On the Today Show this morning Kate revealed that she still loves the “Jon she knew,” still wears her wedding ring “for the kids,” and was shocked and hurt about Jon’s relationship with Hailey Glassman, which started in May before their official separation and divorce filing.


She even broke down in tears when discussing her wedding ring, and said that she “thinks very often” of her vowel renewal with Jon in Hawaii. At that point she thought there was no other option for them but to stay together.

But things have changed, even if her wedding ring stays most of the time. She said she’ll take it off eventually, gradually.

Weeks after she told People Magazine she feels failure, Kate says she still wakes up feeling that way.

Watch the second half of the interview, see photos of Kate just after and be amazed by my shocking Kate Gosselin revelation on page two!