Kardashian family involved in Montana car accident

Kardash 480


Kim and Khloe Kardashian are fine after being involved in a one-car accident in Montana late Saturday. The pair were driving near Bozeman, where the Kardashian clan has been vacationing all week, when Kim lost control of her vehicle and it slid into a ditch.

Most distressing to the sisters was the fact that Kim’s baby, North West, was in the car at the time of the crash.

According to Montana Highway Patrol Captain Mark Wilfore, the trio were traveling on a stretch of two-lane highway between Bozeman and Belgrade MT, which is also the location of the Bozeman International Airport. Wilfore confirmed that black ice was the cause of the vehicular distress.

Shortly after the accident, a tow truck arrived, and removed Kim’s GMC Yukon from the ditch, and the sisters were able to drive away. There were no citations.

The Kardashians have not issued an official statement on the accident, or on North West’s security. However, in an Instagram post shortly after the harrowing incident, Kim shared a photograph of a serene Montana sunrise. The caption? “Thank you God,” Kim wrote, “for watching over us and keeping us safe.”


(Photo credit: Kimmy K on Instagram)

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