TEEN MOM Jade Cline confirms new split from Sean Austin, family restaurant still a go

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Jade Cline confirms that she and Sean Austin have broken up again.

The on-again, off-again couple reconciled late last year, but rumors began to swirl earlier this year when they both stopped posting about each other on social media. On Tuesday, Jade announced that she was bored on Instagram and opened herself up to an impromptu Q&A session with her followers, during which she confirmed the split.

“Are you still with Sean?” one follower asked. “Definitely not,” Jade replied.

That questioned was followed by a few more about Sean, and Jade was happy to answer them all:

QUESTION: Would you give Sean another chance?

JADE: Lol noooo.

QUESTION: What happened between you and Sean? I though y’all were doing good? ?‍♀️?

JADE: Nope. People are not what they seem sometimes.

QUESTION: Whatttt? Why aren’t you with Sean? Definitely his loss!

JADE: Definitely his loss sis! ?

QUESTION: Are you dating anyone?


QUESTION: What happened with Sean? It seemed like things were good at the reunion.

JADE: That was filmed a loooong time ago lol.

The reunion may have been filmed a loooong time ago, but it wasn’t that long ago that Jade and Sean were still together. We posted about Jade just last month, and she said at the time that she and Sean were talking about having another child. “Me and Sean have just discussed having a second child because he really wants a son and wants our kids close in age,” Jade revealed.

In that same post, we shared Jade’s announcement that her family was going to be opening a restaurant. She hasn’t posted any further updates, but her mother Christy recently shared a funny video with Jade’s aunt in which it is clear that they are still in the process of renovating their space:

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My sister… Wow….

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Christy revealed in the comments section that they will be opening on March 1. The restaurant, called Sanders Family Kitchen, is located in the Emporium 31 strip mall at 11 Declaration Dr. in Greenwood, Indiana.

The initial plan was for Jade to be a manager and server with Sean “hosting/being the cashier.” It’s unclear if the family restaurant still includes Sean as a potential employee.

Speaking of Sean, he kept things positive on his recent post of daughter Kloie on February 10:

“[Jade] has made me THE most proud Dad,” he captioned the photo above. “Kloie is the most intelligent little girl, she surprises me everyday with how much she is learning, she says more than 1 new word everyday!! Don’t grow up on Dad too fast!! Dad loves you so much [Kloie] the world is yours!” Sean concluded with this string of hash tags: #teenmom #mtv #kloie #DadsRule #youngandpregnant #DaddysGirl #myrock

UPDATE – Sean responded to our Instagram post about this article (which included the photo at the top with the question about Jade giving him another chance) by writing: “Wouldn’t take the chance if it was an option.”

Fans should be able to see what happened between Jade and Sean soon because MTV recently announced they have renewed Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant for another season.

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