Justin Bieber made guests sign $3 million confidentiality agreement at Great Gatsby party


Justin Bieber really let loose Friday night with a Great Gatsby party that caused his neighbors to call the cops three times. But as far as what actually happened inside, the young singer made his guests sign a confidentiality contract agreeing not to “tweet, text, phone, Facebook, record, write or in any other manner spill the beans on what went on inside.” The penalty if they do is a cool $3 million (he originally asked for $5 million.)

Somebody did spill to TMZ that there were at least 20 “big booty” strippers at the party, and that many of the non-stripper girls also disrobed. Justin was reportedly a good tipper, splashing down $10,000 on the girls.

Booze and weed was reportedly in abundance for over 100 guests, which included Floyd Mayweather, Chris Brown, T.I., and Snoop Lion/Dogg.

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