Justin Bieber faces charges in alleged assault of limousine driver


On the same day that a petition requesting the deportation of Justin Bieber received the required 100,000-plus signatures needed for the White House to have to consider it, the pop star arrived in his native homeland north of the border to turn himself in on a charge of assault from a prior incident.

In late December, Bieber took a limousine ride in Toronto and is said to have gotten into an altercation. When the story first broke it was believed that someone else was being looked at over a skirmish with the driver of the limo.

Sources with TMZ stated that the Toronto police wanted to talk with Justin about it but he never showed up for an interview. Now it looks like the authorities have their focus squarely on The Biebs.

Bieber’s arrival at the police station was a chaotic scene as photographers and fans nearly overran all the officers escorting him into the building.

CNN is reporting that Bieber will be charged while TMZ is stating that he has already been charged with criminal assault.

Baby, baby, baby….

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