June Shannon’s ‘exclusive TV interview’ was really bizarre

June Shannon E News Interview

June Shannon gave an “exclusive interview” to E! News yesterday. Before the segment aired, the network made a pretty big deal about it by sending out a press release and promising the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star was going to “set the record straight.” Based on the information provided beforehand, I anticipated it was going to be a formal, sit-down interview with some of E! News’ finest. In reality, it was just a clip of Mama June responding to a paparazzi’s questions, laughing and doing the peace sign while she went about her business.

That context is important because it might explain why she seemed so blasé about allegations she is dating Mark McDaniel, who was convicted of molesting Anna Cardwell when she was a kid. Credit to Celebitchy for transcribing June’s comments…

Paparazzi: Do you have like, an agent?
June: [laughs] I am the agent. Whatever.

How is Honey Boo Boo?
As a family, we’re handling what happened privately.

Have you talked to Anna lately?
I talk to all my kids.

Do you want to say anything to the people who say you’re crazy and how can you let your child around that man?
No, but that will all come out.

Are you sad that the show is cancelled?
I mean, you’ve been around for a while. I will miss smiles of people. [To the paparazzi] I will miss you. Can’t say anything bad about the show, can’t say anything bad about TLC.

Have you talked to Mark lately?
No. That will all come out. I don’t want to say anything about anything.

A lot of people who love you say you would never be so foolish as to let that man around your children…
Well let me say, that is all going to come out. We are handling this as a family matter. I love my family… My kids are my number one priority.

In an apparent effort to polish the segment a bit, E! News read a statement from a friend close to Mike Thompson.

“[He is] torn apart by this. He is very concerned for Alana and the girls and he has no idea what the hell June is thinking right now,” the source said in a statement, adding Sugar Bear is “weighing his options” about potentially trying for full custody of Alana. Mike, June and Alana were photographed together during shopping trip yesterday. (Sorry for being cynical, but that was no coincidence… Obviously it was supposed to be a sign of their solidarity.)

Honestly, my impression is that E! News was sold on the exclusive interview angle before they even saw the clip. The network hasn’t referenced it online other than the press release and the video hasn’t been posted. As for what June had to say, it sounds like she’s holding back until she can sell her comments for a better price. After all, she has to make payments on the car she bought for Mark.

Meanwhile, Chickadee had a proper interview with Entertainment Tonight where she explained her mom has never taken her side. The preview alone is heartbreaking…

Anna’s full interview airs tonight.

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