Joy-Anna Duggar puts son 6 month old Gunner in another dangerous situation

19 Kids and Counting star Joy-Anna Forsyth has put her 6 month old son in danger and posted it to her Instagram. See what the Duggar did, below…

The Forsyth kids

Joy-Anna Forsyth is the 9th child in the Duggar family from TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting. The reality series followed fundamentalist Christians Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their 19 children until it was cancelled due to eldest sibling Josh Duggar’s involvement in multiple sex-related scandals.

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Austen Forsyth married Joy-Anna Duggar in 2017 after years of being family friends. The two wasted no time expanding their family and now have three children: Gideon, born in 2018, Evelyn, born in 2020, and Gunner whom the couple welcomed earlier this year in 2023.

Joy-Anna and Austen are great parents, often taking their kids on camping trips documented on their newly rebranded YouTube channel. Their marriage has been called into question, however, as Austen’s controlling attitude sometimes dampens the mood.

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Gunner Forsyth at risk

The Forsyth’s youngest child Gunner was featured on Instagram in several compromising situations. It appears his parents let him ride around in the front seat of the car without a car seat.

While this may be common in rural Arkansas, it is technically against the law, and it also goes against car seat safety recommendations. 6 month old’s should be rear facing in the backseat strapped securely in their carrier.

Joy-Anna didn’t just stop at one photo, she doubled down and posted another pic… this one showing Gunner twisted into the steering wheel. While he is admittedly loving life in the first photo, in this picture, the baby seems more concerned:

Joy-Anna Forsyth parenting

This is not the first time Joy-Anna Forsyth’s parenting has been under fire. In 2022 the Christian reality star was chastised for letting her eldest son Gideon play near a firearm.

Fans noticed in an Instagram video that the child was wandering around near a rifle that was laying out in a recliner. It is not clear if it was loaded.

Joy-Anna has made plenty of questionable choices when it comes to weapons. She did name her baby after a gun, after all. 

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