Jon Gosselin is considering running for political office from Pennsylvania: Would you vote for him?

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Jon Gosselin has had a lot of careers over the past few years. After finishing his stint as a reality television star, he became a solar panel installer in rural Pennsylvania. Then, he became a waiter and maitre’d at a pair of restaurants. Currently, he’s a DJ. And, by most accounts, he’s also a pretty happy guy, living a pretty low-key, well-centered life.

But, if his latest plan comes to fruition, all of that will end–hard. Gosselin is reportedly interested in running for Congress in his district, near Reading PA. In an interview with OK! Magazine, Gosselin acknowledged that he’s been approached about running for the state legislature, but hasn’t yet made up his mind:


Like political office…I have a meeting but I’m still hesitant on that because I’m more intimidated, even though politics is kind of like entertainment, it’s just a different kind of world….But I haven’t made a formal announcement yet, but I have to soon. Actually I have to make an official announcement by January of next year because they are two year terms. There’s a lot of stuff I have to put in place.


Which begs the obvious question: Whether or not you live in or even near Pennsylvania, would you vote for Jon Gosselin for office?


(Photo credits: WENN)

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