Jill Duggar gets bold new hair ahead of testifying in her brother’s trial

At 30-years-old Jill Duggar has colored her hair for the first time in her life. This big change coincides with news that she will be a witness at her brother Josh Duggar’s trial, which began Wednesday (Dec. 1, 2021.) Josh is charged with two felony counts of of receiving and possessing child sexual abuse material. He faces up to 20 years in prison.

Is hair dyeing/coloring against the Duggar rules?

The Duggar family are known for their restrictive rules, but it’s unknown if hair coloring is one of them. One thing’s for sure: the Duggar family is rarely seen with non-natural hair coloring. A few years ago Jinger Duggar bucked that norm by going very blonde.

Is Jill signaling a new start?

Even without strict rules, people often make changes in their hair at milestone points in their life. Jill and her brother Jedidiah have been listed as potential witnesses in Josh’s trial. Of course, Jill’s hair choice and her role as a potential witness could be completely unrelated.

No matter the reason behind Jill’s new hair, she seems happy and glowing with the result.

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