PHOTOS Snooki sports a prank neck brace after police car crash; starts fashion craze?

Snooki wearing a neck brace after her collision with a police car in Italy

Jersey Shore‘s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi wasn’t about to let a little neck injury get in her way of making her usual bold fashion statement as she proudly strutted the streets of Florence, Italy wearing a huge whiplash neck brace just one day after driving her vehicle into an Italian police car!

Snooki complimented the beige collar with a brown cleavage-flattering blouse and matching brown Thundarr the Barbarian furry boots! But, the real jaw-dropper here are Snooki’s sunglasses! The spectacular spectacles feature a thick metal chain design along the top that is continued as… a thick metal chain, which Snooki wears straight down her face instead of on her neck.

Jersey Shore's Snooki and Deena Cortese film in Italy

I have to confess that I am absolutely mesmerized by that top photo. I simply cannot look away. It is pure adaptive fashion genius! And is it me or does an over-sized horse collar add two inches to her height?

How long before we start seeing these at malls across America? I’m sure Christian Audigier is printing up millions with elaborate sword and skull designs as we speak!

As far as the seriousness of Snooki’s injuries, I don’t think they could be that bad because she was seen the same day in the same outfit sans collar looking just fine. An MTV Spokesperson confirmed the fact that Snooki didn’t need a neck brace to People: “She was joking. She sustained no injuries as a result of the traffic incident.”

Nicole Snooki Polizzi filming Jersey Shore in Florence, Italy

(Perhaps the brace was just a fashion statement? Maybe she ran into the police car just to have a reason to wear it? Genius!)