[VIDEO] Janet Jackson’s performance at the 2009 VMAs – a Tribute to Michael


This was the best live Michael Jackson tribute I’ve seen. It was a well-edited video medley accented by a group of dancers dressed up in various incarnation of Michael’s look. The dancers were not close to Michael’s skills, but they moved better than most impersonators. I’m a little disappointed that they didn’t include “Billie Jean”, which is my favorite Michael Jackson song, but over all the effect was well done. The most distracting point was when a group of dancers was doing the “Micheal Jackson lean” really well, but one of them just bent over and stuck out his butt.

The big finale was when “Scream” came on the screen and Janet burst forth on the stage to perform with Michael. That was truly special, and again, the product of fantastic editing and choreography. She sang with him, and then she danced with him. It was the perfect tribute.

Watch it below:

~ Carrie Glass
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