Is Briana Dejesus the final cast member of Teen Mom 3?

Briana Dejesus is the most recent 16 & Pregnant star to be rumored to be joining the cast of Teen Mom 3. Briana had a unique story — her and her sister Brittany had both become pregnant at nearly the same time. Although Brittany had chosen to have an abortion, Briana decided to have her baby. In addition to dealing with the tension between her and her sister because of their different paths, her boyfriend turned out to be a total deadbeat and treated her and her family horribly. Has her dramatic story led to her being cast on Teen Mom 3?

Briana started the buzz about being cast on the third installment of Teen Mom during a Twitter feud with one of her followers. When the follower told her that her fame ended with 16 & Pregnant, Briana replied, “Don’t be mad when you start seeing more of me on ur television screen.” Seems like a pretty big slip up! Although the cast is surely contracted to stay quiet about the show, she has made quiet the bold statement.

As previously reported, the first three of the girls chosen for Teen Mom 3 were Katie Yeager, Mackenzie Douthit, and Alexandria Sekella. Since Hope, Sabrina, Devon and Jordan’s reunion clips did not air, it’s safe to assume that they are not in the running for the fourth spot, which leaves Briana as well as Lindsay, Sarah, Kristina, and Myranda.

Another clue that Briana may be cast is how long her 16 & Pregnant: Life After Labor segment was. While most of the girls chatted with Dr. Drew for 5 to 10 minutes, her segment was well over that. Her story is clearly a hot topic with fans.

MTV has yet to confirm or deny any of the cast rumors.

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