Is Betty White going to play God in a remake of ‘Oh God?’

It seems like any role for someone 70 or up is being rumored to go to the omnipresent octogenarian Betty White.  In the latest case of Betty White fever rumors are circulating that White is being sought out by Producer Jerry Weintraub to revise the role of God in the classic George Burns film Oh God.

Weintraub has pitched a new version of the film, a long sought after Hollywood recycle gem, that would include White as God and Paul Rudd as the bumbling mortal who was portrayed by the late John Denver in the original directed by Carl Reiner.

As of this post this is just the whims of Weintraub, but it is noteworthy because of the current magnetic pull that Betty White has during this remarkable revitalization of her career. 

Here is a taste of the original, with the unflappable George Burns and John Denver set to Joan Osbourne’s “What If God Was One Of Us.”

I’m on the B-dub band-waggon but I think Burns in Oh God is one of those roles that should never be duplicated. When something is that close to perfect just leave it alone. What do you think about another version of Oh God?