The Interview made $1 million over Christmas


The Interview managed to have a stellar box office after weeks of fear and complications surrounding its release. Only opening in 330 theaters (only 10% of U.S. theaters,) including one owned by George R. R. Martin in Santa Fe, it pulled in over $1 million during it’s Christmas premiere.

If The Interview isn’t showing in your town, or you just don’t want to fork over pricey movie theater tickets, you can screen the movie online for $6. The revenue from online viewing has not been calculated yet, but could potentially be in the millions.

This is all refreshing considering that just a few days ago Sony said they had no plans to ever release this film after the cyber terrorists who attacked threatened a 9/11 type attack at theaters who showed the movie. The FBI and president Obama have linked the hackers to North Korea, but some security experts still have their doubts about that theory.

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