Insurance agent Roberto Martinez relocated his business to San Diego to be with fiance Ali Fedotowsky

At the time of the taping of the After the Final Rose ceremony insurance agent Roberto Martinez is apparently still going strong with fiance Ali Fedotowsky, and even relocated to San Diego from Charleston, South Carolina to be with her. When he was cast on The Bachelorette, 26-year-old Roberto was the youngest State Farm agent in the U.S.

26-year-old Roberto graduated with a B.A. in Business from the University of Tampa.

Before Ali began her “journey” on The Bachelor and Bachelorette last year she was living in San Fransisco and working at Facebook. She and Roberto both decided to relocate for their relationship and settled on San Diego because “We figured the West Coast and maybe L.A. would be a little bit much and [San Diego] is a bit removed but still close. It’s a good place.”