VIDEO The Bachelorette Ali gets a phone call from Jessica, Justin’s girlfriend!

Ali Fedotowsky's shocking phone call with Justin Rego's girlfriend

Reality Steve let the cat out of the bag weeks ago, but the moment has finally arrived on The Bachelorette when Ali Fedotowsky gets a phone call from a girlfriend of one of her suitors! Until now I’ve had to tiptoe around the topic because it was a MAJOR spoiler, but ABC has just released an official preview video clip of next week’s episode that includes the infamous call! Her name is Jessica Spillas and she is one of TWO girlfriends of Justin “Rated R” Rego!

To get the facts straight, Ali doesn’t actually receive the call from Jessica, but is informed by Chris Harrison that Jessie Sulidis, a former contestant with Ali on Jake Pavelka’s The Bachelor, had information she would want to hear. Confusing already, huh?

Harrison places the call to Sulidis from Ali’s hotel room in Istanbul, Turkey just after her arrival. She tells Ali that she has reason to believe that one of the guys still on the show is on it for the wrong reasons and he has a girlfriend. When Ali asks how she knows this, Sulidis says, “because I’m sitting with his girlfriend right now,” at which point she hands the phone to Justin’s girlfriend Jessica Spillas.

Justin Rego's girlfriend Jessica Spillas talks to Ali Fedotowsky
Justin Rego’s girlfriend Jessica Spillas talks to Ali Fedotowsky on the phone

Jessica is emotional as she explains she and Justin have been dating for two years and that she had initially agreed to allow him to go on the show to further his career and that he had hoped to make the final three. She also says that she had a change of heart when she found out Justin had another girlfriend!

Jessica Spillas and Justin Rego together
Ali looks at a photo of Justin Rego and Jessica Spillas on an iPhone

If this is too confusing, you can read all the details about how it all went down in my previous posts about Jessica Spillas (with photos!) and Kimberly Kerekes (the other girlfriend – also with photos!).

The sneak peek preview clip leaves off just before Ali has her spirited confrontation with Justin that ABC has been teasing us with all season! It should be a fireworks-laden episode to say the least!

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