Bachelorette’s Ed Swiderski cheated on Jillian Harris with two other women


It turns out Ed Swiderski might not be Jillian’s fairy-tale love after all. Two women who claimed to be Ed’s lovers during and after filming for the Bachelorette have come forward to tell their story, and it’s not pretty.

Maybe Ed found it so easy to say “I love you” to Jillian and propose to her because he’s had a lot of practice!

Lindsey Johnson is Ed’s ex-girlfriend, who he claims he broke up with before filming the ABC show, but still had feelings for. Lindsey says that Ed slept with her on June 4, about a week after he proposed to Jillian and told her he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Another girl, who Ed had cheated on with Lindsey before, claims that he texted her asking for sex. He asked this other lover, Bethany Steffen, requesting that she bring “beer and condoms” to his proposed tryst.

Bethany told US that turned him down, deciding that Ed’s not “worth [her] time.”

Both Lindsey and Bethany claim that Ed’s lying about something else, as well. When Ed told Jillian that he had to leave because he was a workaholic, he secretly meant sexaholic, because he went back to Chicago, where he works as a software consultant, and bagged both of his flames. He even texted Lindsey while still on the show that Jillian wasn’t his thing and he still loved her. What a playa!

I guess when he got satiated, he decided to go back on the big T.V. show and see if he could play his way into winning a competition. Ed may have a sweet smile, but sometimes the most harmless face has designs behind it.

Either way, Jillian is un-phased by this new information, telling People that Ed told her about every text, every conversation with these women. She also thinks it’s normal to be in love with several people at one time, because she was in love with a couple of guys on the show (and kissed ten). She is certain that Ed hasn’t done anything wrong since they got engaged, despite the other ladies’ claims otherwise. Jillian says she knows she can trust Ed because she uses his computer. During her People interview, she also says Ed told her just last night “‘I can’t wait to get married to you. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”

The problem with that is he’s probably rehearsed those lines too many times before. He supposedly told Bethany Steffen he would propose to her within the year. Sound like the familiar 12-18 months plan.

Oh Jillian, there are too many red flags here to trust this guy, it appears that he was in this for the thrill of the kill, so to speak. I’m not sure if this made-for-tv relationship will last till September, when Jillian is supposed to move in with Ed.

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