Hefty K-Fed hospitalized filming ‘Excess Baggage’

K-Fed on a shirtless jog

K-Fed has apparently been well fed lately as he’s appearing in a weight loss show in the land down under. The show is called Excess Baggage and it’s very much like Celebrity Fit Club which Federline participated in state side last year. During his appearance on CFC Kevin went from 232lbs to 202lbs.

Federline’s apparent new career path of losing weight took a bad turn as E is reporting that the former professional dancer for such major acts as Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and Destiny’s Child was taken to a hospital after showing serious signs of heat exhaustion.

The father of five, including two children with pop star Britney Spears, was filming for the show last month in the Kimberly region in Outback Western Australia, infamous for being one of the roughest and rugged regions of the country, when a medic decided he needed to be hospitalized because he was, “showing signs of heat stress.”

It turns out that K-Fed is all right and continued his participation in the show shortly thereafter.

PHOTO: Embeddable TMZ video