Heather Dubrow’s husband questions Sarah Winchester’s heir status

Sarah Winchester infamously ate the bow off Heather Dubrow’s name-change cake on last week’s episode of Real Housewives of Orange County. This week, the Dubrow’s are fighting back. In fact, Terry is questioning Sarah’s claim to be an heir to the Winchester fortune! His wife, Heather, is in on the action as well, and has done a little research on her own.

Just days ago, Terry claimed, “Winchester Mystery House has contacted me without provocation. They state [Sarah] is not related directly or otherwise to Oliver Winchester … I asked them about possible defamation claims and they stated ‘the truth is an absolute defense against defamation.’ Let the games begin.” Heather told her Twitter followers, “Check out the Winchester family tree. #imposter.”

Another source reveals, Oliver’s only son, William Winchester, had only one child — Annie Pardee Winchester, who died as a baby in 1866. However, William had two sisters and at least one of them gave birth to several children — though they had a different last name. Could that be were Sarah’s connections lie? She claims to be the great, great, granddaughter of Oliver, so it is possible that she was related through William’s sisters.

Sarah had previously explained, “It is true that my great, great, great grandfather Oliver Winchester is known for making and marketing the Winchester repeating rifle. Therefore, yes I am related. However, I am not related by blood (only by marriage) to Sarah Winchester who built the amazing Winchester Mystery House.”

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