VIDEOS PHOTOS Katy Perry: Part of Me World Premiere

Katy Perry red dress

Tonight was the World Premiere of Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D and the film’s star didn’t need a red carpet because she was wearing it! Katy was her usual vibrant self as she looked like a walking slice of red velvet cake in a luscious bright crimson dress with matching lipstick and high-heeled Dorothy slippers.

Katy Perry Part of Me World Premiere red carpet photo

Oh, and speaking of slices of cake, the pop star stuck with her famous confectionery theme by bringing along a small slice of cake clutch:

Katy Perry's slice of cake clutch at the Katy Perry Part of Me World Premiere

Always a fan of the spin, whether it’s peppermint candy bra caps or psychedelic cat eyes in her recent “Wide Awake” music video, Katy treated photographers and us by taking her dress for a spin at the event:

Katy Perry: Part of Me World Premiere red carpet

There may be more beautiful women on the planet, but I don’t know of any who mix in fun as well as Katy Perry! Almost every time I see her I smile, and not in a “The Many Talents of Kate Upton” kind of way – though it could be said Katy is almost as talented as Kate, even in that regard 🙂

And speaking of talent, as part of the premiere the hardest workin’ gal in pop music also gave a concert in conjunction with Pepsi! Here’s a video of her performance of her latest smash single “Wide Awake” at the Katy Perry: Part of Me World Premiere wearing a bag of popcorn dress with a film reels on her boobs. (I guess that proves once and for all that Katy Perry’s breasts are reels!)

Still not enough Katy for you? (Man, y’all are some hungry kats!) Check out this video clip of Katy Perry getting interviewed (eventually) on the red carpet by Quddus:

As Katy mentioned in the clip, she is so happy that she was able to include her grandmother in the film. She was also extremely happy to have her grandmother (and other family members) at the Premiere!

Katy Perry's grandmother and family attend the Katy Perry Part of Me World Premiere

Oh man! Grandma’s got the blingiest walking stick ever! (Just click to zoom in and check it out in detail. Even Xzibit would be proud!)

Congratulations to Katy! Her movie opens July 5 nationwide with a special screening July 2 just for Katy cats.

One more parting shot…

Katy Perry Part of Me World Premiere pink carpet