Have The Avett Brothers quieted Dexter’s dark passenger?

Dexter The Avett Brothers

I love me some Avett Brothers and I love me some Dexter so when the two crossed paths on the most recent episode of the runaway Showtime hit I thought it was pretty freaking awesome. Just in case you’re a DVR peep and missed the last episode stop right here because I’m gonna spoil much more in this here post.

That’s right, the bearded ones (usually) from North Carolina got name dropped during “Ricochet Rabbit.” Here is how the scene played out.

Dexter, portrayed by Michael C. Hall who is a fan of the band as well according to some folks on the band’s message board, was rushing back to his apartment while on the hunt for the Doomsday Killer. He comes in and notices his full time babysitter Jamie sitting on the couch with the wicked smart and mysteriously creepy new lab assistant Louis. Here’s the transcript of the scene:

Jamie: Hey Dexter, Louis got here a little early to pick me up for our date.

Dexter: You have a date? I was hoping you could stay.

Jamie: Sorry.

Dexter: I don’t suppose you’d want to have your date here?

Jamie: We can’t. Louis bought us tickets to go and see The Avett Brothers.

Dexter: Can’t go another time?

Louis: They’re only playing tonight.

Dexter is noticeably angry about this when he’s asked to check out Louis’ new game that he’s designing called “Homicidal Tendencies” in which the player can be a serial killer. Louis nervously shows Dexter the game and he unceremoniously has his backside handed to him by everyone’s favorite murderer. Dexter replies:

“I think this is offensive. Who would choose to be a serial killer? How could you possibly know what it’s like to take a life? Why would you even want to? It’s a bad idea. Do something else.”

Louis is so discouraged by the diss that he leaves abruptly which allows Jamie the night to babysit and Dexter to do his dark passenger thing. Tragically, Dexter’s need to kill has denied a young couple their opportunity to see this:

The show progresses as Dexter’s foul mouthed sister Deborah is hot on the trail just one step behind him while Doomsday has recruited more folks to help kill their latest victim aboard a yacht. Dexter manages to track down the boat but he’s too late to save the woman. He comes across a man in a Hazmat suit and stabs him in the stomach. Dexter pulls the mask only to realize that it wasn’t Doomsday but his new recruit.

The most recent plan from Doomsday is to unleash another tableau “wormwood,” which Dexter discovers is a poison gas chemical mixture that could kill a large group of people. Dexter than references his God-fearing late friend Brother Sam

“Sometimes you have to surrender to something greater than yourself.”

The episode concludes with Dexter calling 911 and informing the operator about the boat and the fact that the Doomsday crew is in possession of poison gas. As viewers we’re led to believe that Dexter has decided that the well being of many supersedes his dark passenger’s need to kill Doomsday. But we all know how the show likes to twist you around and my theory is this. Dexter is so wrought with guilt from having caused two souls to miss an Avett Brothers show that he’s realized that he has to control his dark passenger!

Ridiculous you say? A little far fetched perhaps but if Dexter has seen this than you might change your mind:

In fact it very well may be revealed that the potent “Murder in the City” was playing on Dexter’s car stereo on his way to the boat and he subconsciously was driven to quit his killing ways. This inner voice is personified by his father who convinces him he has a choice as if he were speaking the beautiful truth from “Living of Love.”

Now do I actually believe this theory? Of course not. Do I believe that The Avett Brothers are good enough to change a man’s heart. Absolutely. I mean they know what it’s like to unfeel like that old “Tin Man” and to head down a road full of promise with a head full of doubt. They also know about that dark passenger, just ask “Sally’s Lover.”

So maybe Scott, Seth, Bob and Joe won’t keep our man Dexter from doing what he’s got to do but maybe the band will read this and remember that the dude who wrote it is headed to their upcoming show at The Florida Theater in Jacksonville, FL. Maybe they’ll think this, and maybe even that other article, were so cool they’ll let me backstage and sign my guitar. Okay so maybe that won’t happen either but it sure was cool that they got mentioned on an episode of Dexter wasn’t it!?!

The Avett Brothers image: megmayb

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