BEFORE & AFTER Did Giuliana Rancic get a facelift?

Giuliana Rancic After Plastic Surgery Convo

Despite admonishing plastic surgery in the past, working mom Giuliana Rancic seemed to experience a change of heart when talking with Fashion Police co-host Joan Rivers.

“My face has dropped,” Giuliana said to Joan and Melissa Rivers during a new clip for Giuliana & Bill. “Do I need to get plastic surgery?”

Practically before Giuliana got all of the words out of her mouth, Joan — unsurprisingly — said yes. Melissa said she thought Giuliana already got a mini facelift once before. Giuliana denied that, but seemed open to Joan’s suggestion to “do it while you’re young.”

“Here’s the thing. I feel like if it were just everyday, and I saw myself in the mirror a couple of times a day, that’s one thing. But I see myself on Fashion Police and on E! News and I see a difference,” Giuliana said, gesturing toward her face.

Apparently glad her friend was coming around, Joan added, “Do you tune up your car? Do you touch up your paint? Then what are we talking about?”

“Ok, you’re right. I got it,” Giuliana responded. “If I can do it for my car, I can do it for my face.”

Joan ended the discussion with one final pearl of wisdom…

Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Advice

That conversation was a few months ago — and, if new photos of Giuliana at the iHeart Music Festival are any indication, she may have taken Joan’s advice about getting a facelift.

Giuliana Rancic Before & After
^ Before and after Giuliana Rancic’s plastic surgery discussion with Joan Rivers: October 2013 and May 2014.

Find out whether Giuliana went through with plastic surgery on tonight’s episode of Giuliana & Bill, airing on E! at 8/7c.

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