HAPPILY EVER AFTER 1st photo of Nicole back in Morocco with Azan?

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Azan and Nicole back in Morocco together 2018

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After returns on May 20, and one of the MAJOR story lines this season is Nicole Nafziger wanting to return to Morocco to marry her maybe playboy beau Azan Tefou. Although there have been numerous reports that Nicole is back in Morocco, she has taken a hiatus from social media and we have had no “evuhdense” that she has actually made the return trip — until now!

In a brand new promotional photo for the new season of Happily Ever After, we see Azan and Nicole together in Morocco’s “Blue City” of Chefchaouen. Although it cannot be 100% confirmed that the photo is recent, we have a binder full of the aforementioned evuhdense that seems to indicate that it is:

• All the other promotional images released by TLC are definitely recent, so it seems odd that they would also use an older photo of just Nicole. The network didn’t even provide a promotional photo for Molly and Luis, and they used a screen grab from an upcoming episode for Jorge and Anfisa — in other words, they seemed to be going out of their way to avoid defrauding viewers by using older images.

• One of Nicole’s last Instagram photos before going on her hiatus, posted on February 22, was a selfie featuring the same dress she is wearing in the photo with Azan:

• I don’t recall Azan and Nicole visiting the “Blue City” before, and I can’t imagine that producers would have filmed there during a previous season without including at least some footage. (It is possible they did film there and I just don’t remember.)

(It’s important to note that the preview trailer included a scene in which Nicole is trying on a wedding dress with her mother. That took place in Florida months ago in anticipation of Nicole’s return trip.)

In conclusion, I am waaaay more than 55% certain that the photo is recent and Nicole DOES actually make the return trip to Morocco. For Happily Ever After fans that is GREAT news — sort of like the trainwreck version of Groundhog Day where the photo represents the groundhog’s shadow and we know we can all look forward to six more weeks of drama!

Now, for all those 90 Day Fiance True Detectives out there, here is a higher resolution cropped and zoomed-in version of the photo so y’all can work y’all’s magic on all the clues here. Perhaps Azan’s watch is new? Or maybe Nicole’s hair is half an inch longer than the last time she was in Morocco? (I’m only half joking — those 90 Day Fiance True Detective binders are FOR REAL!)

Azan and Nicole

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